Kinesiology looks beyond symptoms and is concerned with imbalances in the body’s energy.  In this respect, Kinesiology has close links with the acupuncture concept of energy flow.  Through the use of simple, safe and non-invasive muscle testing our Kinesiologist uses muscle feedback from your body to find the issues and get to the cause of the energy imbalance. Acupressure massage, light touch and many other simple correction techniques are used to restore the energy balance in the body.

One of the benefits our clients talk about again and again, is how Kinesiology gives them greater understanding of what is going on for them at a deeper level.  This awareness combined with the balancing of the body's energy has a flow on effect that helps to restore the body’s natural healing ability.  This results in optimal wellness for the person.

Kinesiology is a non-invasive holistic natural therapy that can provide a wide range of benefits to all age groups and people from all walks of life. Our Kinesiologist, Sandra has had the privilege of working with children and pre-teens who are displaying various behaviours including sleep problems and anxiety.  After their child’s kinesiology session, parents have expressed positive feedback on changes in their child’s behaviour.

For more information about Kinesiology and or to book your appointment, please contact us. We conduct Kinesiology courses and community workshops about Kinesiology.

"I just wanted to let you know that after T.'s session with you, she is much more comfortable in her own skin and is not as anxious as she was. She really enjoyed her session with you."

T.'s Mother, Northern Beaches, NSW
Client: 10 yo girl who displayed anxiety and couldn't sleep


Kinesiology has a significant impact on a wide range of wellness and balance issues. It can:

  • Improve performances at work, school, sports
  • Relieve emotional stress – anger, fear, grief
  • Relieve mental stress – anxiety, confusion
  • Relieve physical stress – pain, flexibility
  • Identify nutritional deficiency or excess
  • Overcome muscular and nervous imbalances
  • Relieve past traumas
  • Assist in goal setting and decision-making
  • Enhance concentration & focus
  • Enhance balance in relationships

For more information about Kinesiology and or to book your appointment, please contact us.

"When I first came to you, my marriage was about to end and I was almost unable to work. I had just lost a major contract and felt worthless and hopeless. A friend recommended you to me. I came away from each session smiling and feeling so much lighter. It was really easy to trust you. Six months later – I have a very different relationship with my husband and have made so many positive changes to my own habits and negative behaviours. Finally at least I understand why I do what I do sometimes. It makes it easier to try and change. For the first time in many years, I feel in charge of who I am but the downside is – I can't kid myself anymore. Sandra, I am so glad I found you when I did. Thank you, it's not enough but thank you."

[Name & initial withheld on request], East Lindfield NSW 2070
Client: Female, 40+

N&E Balancing

Nutritional & Environmental (N&E) Balancing uses neuromuscular testing to help clear the body of sensitivities to environmental and chemical compounds.  N&E Balancing is a non-invasive and drug free natural therapy which helps to identify mismatched or imbalanced physical responses.

Neuromuscular testing is used to determine any mismatched or imbalanced physical responses to nutritional and environmental compounds. Using acupressure techniques, the body is cleared for any mismatches and energy blockages from the meridian system. This reduces physical sensitivities to the compounds, restores normal circulation of vital energy and facilitates wellness in the body.

For more information on N&E Balancing and how this therapy could help you, please contact us.

"The results that C. got from his N&E Balances were amazing. We had found that his allergy to animal fur had made life quite difficult for him. After the balancing with the 24 hour follow up he was "cured". We also hadn't realized that his room had mould that was badly affecting him as well. With the information you provided we were able to eliminate this. Thank you for your work with C., he really enjoyed his sessions and the results have been fantastic."

Parent of C., East Lindfield NSW 2070
Client: 12 yo boy


THANK YOU so much for the time and care you took with my daughter yesterday. She is a different person! Nice to see her inspired again and aware of her habits and energy. Just beautiful. You are a blessing.

Parent of 11 yo female client

Thank you again for the healing session, I loved it and have already recommended you to some people.

Jane, Northern Beaches NSW

Thank you for the wonderful kinesiology session. You are a wonderful practitioner. So professional, insightful and caring.

AK, Kinesiologist, Blue Mountains, NSW

You have just raised the bar for kinesiology. It was such a pleasure to watch you work.

Kinesiology lecturer and practitioner, Sydney, NSW

Thank you for the session. Your insights were very meaningful

MT, Double Bay, NSW 2028

I slept really well, first time in a long time for 10 hours straight. I feel emotionally and mentally calm in spite of the turmoil around and feel really blessed to have wonderful support and wisdom from you.

T.W., Chatswood, NSW