Workshops & Courses

Location, dates and times for our workshops may vary.

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Integrative Meditation Classes

Mondays     Private sessions with energy healing      Contact Us to book
Various Group or Corporate meditation Contact Us for information

All classes are held in Lindfield or another location by arrangement.

Touch For Health Courses

The Holistic Wellness Centre offers Touch for Health (TFH) courses for anyone who is interested in learning how to use kinesiology in their life to achieve wellbeing and vitality. We offer the individual TFH modules as TFH 1- 4 or as a Certificate in Touch For Health Synthesis that encompasses all 4 levels. TFH courses can be tailored to a flexible schedule to suit participants on various dates.

Touch For Health 1-4 Weekly Workshops  October - November 2020
Touch For Health 1-4 Weekend Workshops                      December 2020    
Touch For Health Proficiency December 2020             

Please see the attached PDF for details of the courses Download

Community Wellness Workshops

Kinesiology for Kids (helping kids be happier and learn better) Contact us
Eat Right Live Right (nutrition that works well for your body) Contact us
Perceptive Vision (improve your vision with kinesiology techniques) Contact us

Please see the attached PDF for details of the workshops Download

Crystal Sound Therapy Workshops

Learn about the crystal singing bowls, how to play them and how to tune your own body to a healthy energetic vibration. In this workshop, you also learn how to create your own healing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Wednesday 1pm - 5pm  18 November 2020

Please see the attached PDF for details of the workshops Download

Heal & Transform Energy Workshops

Learn how to recognise the effects of energy, heal negative energies and transform the mind, body & spirit. The Space Balancing workshop shows you how to balance the energy of your home or work space.

Heal & Transform Energy  Wednesday  1.00pm - 5:00pm    25 November 2020
Space Balancing

Wednesday   1.00pm - 5.00pm    2 December 2020

Combined Workshop Wednesday   11.00am - 5.00pm  9 December 2020

 Please see the attached PDF for details of the workshops Download