Sound Therapy

Crystal Sound Therapy tunes the cells in the body helping it to sing harmoniously.  The sounds are deeply relaxing helping clients to feel mentally, emotionally and physically calm.  Every part of the body has a healthy resonant frequency, when a frequency is altered due to stress or emotionally draining situations parts of the body vibrate out of harmony.  This may manifest in disease of the body.

Finely tuned pure quartz crystal bowls are used to balance the mind, body and spirit through sound resonance.  The sound frequency of the crystal bowls connects with the crystalline structure of our bodies at the physical and cellular level.  This connection restores a healthy resonance and harmony within our bodies. 

You can learn how to play the crystal bowls by attending a workshop. For more information about Crystal Sound Therapy and how it might be of benefit to you, please contact us.

Bowls can be purchased individually or in sets – please contact us for further information.

“What amazing sounds – so deeply profound. I feel so good.”

S.K., Sydney, NSW

“It was so deeply relaxing. I could feel the sounds everywhere in my body.”

TW, Chatswood NSW 2067