Integrative Meditation


Integrative Meditation offers a range of benefits, especially given our modern lifestyles.  One of the most challenging aspects of our busy lives is trying to get enough time or space to think clearly.  Through Integrative Meditation we can tap into the true power and wisdom of our minds.  As you experience the benefits, you will also find ways to bring meditation into your daily or weekly routine – freeing you from confusion and empowering you to take charge of your life. Participants don’t need any experience in meditation.

Meditation sessions can be done as a private individual session or as a small group session.  Each session is a guided meditation which helps each person connect with their inner wisdom, achieve calmness and clarity in their thoughts and purpose. 

Please contact us to join the small group sessions. Check Wellness Workshops for the latest timetable.

“The meditation has been wonderful. I feel a lot calmer about things in life, clearer about what I have to do. I love listening to your voice during the meditation.”

M., Roseville NSW 2069

Meditation Classes

Integrative Meditation is a simple and effective guided meditation session that empowers you to be happier and healthier.  It helps you access your inner wisdom, calm the mind and allow peace to flow in your daily life. Energise your body and strengthen your mind for wellness and balance in life.

The Integrative Meditation group sessions are 1 hour facilitated meditations each week for a small group of participants. Each week, the group will meditate on a different topic.

Each session will start with a topic introduction followed by an integrative meditation and completes with the sounds of crystal bowls.

Contact us to book or for more information. Also check out our current workshops and classes for the latest timetable.